Oh, some of us are whiskey men, and some of us drink gin,
We don’t know where we’re going but we like it where we’ve been.
Oh, some of us drink Spanish rum and some drink beer and ale,
And every! time we see a tug we set it on its tail.
It’s not so much the movements that make us what we are
We all could wear crossed guns and wings and most could wear a star.
It’s the way we stand and the way we spit and the way we cut the hair,
Oh, its really the men who are underneath the uniform we wear.

We lay down all the rolling roads and cut down all the trees,
And if the orders ever came we’d forge the raging seas.
Whenever they want to sleep awhile we put them up a town
and build the blasted bridges so the Infantry won’t drown.
We get them over rivers and across the mountain streams
Do everything but tuck them in and wish them pleasant dreams.
And when the going’s really rough and shells burst in their ears,
A whole division’s apt to pray “God, send for Engineers”.

It’s rumored about the Navy which has a love for sport
That every single sailor has a girl in every port,
But every combat Engineer who doesn’t need to boast,
Has a wife in every village that isn’t on the coast.
The women faint by the dozens when they see us marching by,
We pick them up then dust them off and set them out to dry.
We’ve got a line the Signal Corp and Cavalry can’t beat
For you can’t talk love on radio and horses don’t smell sweet.

You can trace your Combat history through one hundred thousand years,
For when they needed barricades they sent for the ENGINEERS.
It was the very early soldier of the Corp
Who discovered bows and arrows and learned ‘what rocks were for.
We built the horse that got Troy gigged when Homer was a pup.
And ran ahead at Marathon and tripped the Persians up.
When Caesar crossed the Rubicon as he was going home,
We put a bridge across the stream and changed the course of Rome.

Napoleon at Waterloo might still have held the field
If he had ten ENGINEERS to keep old Blucher healed.
Or Wellington, had we been there instead of his array,
Would have taken half an hour instead of half a day;
Oh, some of us are Bourbon men and some of us drink wine,
And there’s more meat in front of us when we sit down to dine.
Oh, when the average cannoner goes down to Hell in tears,
He’ll find the Styx and Phlegathon were bridged by ENGINEERS.