(To the tune of “Clementine”)

In a dozer, on a Rome Plow
Clearing jungle without fear
Is the best man in the Army
He’s a Diehard Engineer

When there’s mining, when there’s LZ’s
And there’s Charlie all about
It’s First Engineer assistance
That will always bail you out

He digs ditches, he builds bridges
In the mud up to his ears
You can tell him cause he smells bad
He’s a Diehard Engineer

If you’re lost in dense jungle
And you don’t know where you are
Get a Diehard Engineer friend
You can find him at the bar

When the going really gets rough
With mortars falling near and far
Where’s the Diehard Engineer found
Why he’s gone on R & R

Always First to go to battle
Always First to get a beer
He’s a builder and and a fighter
He’s a Diehard Engineer

Spreading gossip, Spreading rumors
Or when spreading pene prime
When it comes to spreading mischief
“Always First” is first in line.

In a minefield, In a minefield
Where each step may be your last
If you want to have a DEROS
Call a Diehard soldier fast. – Peterson, 68 –

If you’ve ever seen a guy gleam
With an apple in his eye
You can bet that it’s because of
The Diehard resupply. – Gonzalez, 68 –

On a highway at the bridge site
VC watching from the trees
There the Diehard Engineer stands
Muddy water to his knees – Chism, 68 –

RRF-ing in the morning
Seven-niner flying by
Gives instructions to the dozer
Watch that Diehard driver try! – MacVicar, 68 –

Concrete DTOC’s, gravel sidewalks
1st Division is up tight
Because the Diehard Engineers
Work all day and thru the night. – Ludwig, 68 –

In a mud hole, in a dust bowl
He’s always in his place
You can never miss a Diehard
’cause of the grin upon his face. – Gapen, 68 –

Filling potholes, cutting jungle
Penepriming all the day
Pouring concrete, clearing roadblocks
We are Diehards all the way. – Crowther, 68 –

He’s a fighter, he’s a lover
He’s a Diehard Engineer
If he’s not out building roads then
You will find him swilling beer. – Collins, 68 –

In a Rome Plow pushing jungle
While ol’ Charlies on the prowl
When he comes back to his base camp
Thanks to Diehard, he’s SOL – Collins, 68 –

On the road or in the jungle
Trying hard just to survive
Equipment broke down and it won’t run
Better call Diehard 35. – Leatherman, 68 –

In a jeep or in a 5 ton
Driving down that VC trail
You can bet your bottom dollar
That a Diehard will never fail. – Caldwell, 68 –

Now we’ve sung all the verses
But we’ve not run out of Cheer
So let’s start the song all over
And let’s have another beer. – Miller, 67 –