Items Of Interest

The Combat Engineer

Oh, some of us are whiskey men, and some of us drink gin,We don't know where we're going but we like it where we've been.Oh, some of us drink Spanish rum and some drink beer and ale,And every! time we see a tug we set it on its tail.It's not so much the movements that...

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Mementos of Louis Coke, WWII, by Laurie Gidley

"I'm a new member of the 1st Engineer Combat Battalion Association. My father, Louis Coke, served with the 1st Engineers during the Occupation after WWII. (He was transferred from the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion, 102nd Infantry Division.) I think these will be of...

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Diehard Drinking Song

(To the tune of "Its a Long Way to Tiparary") We're the "Always First" BattalionBorn in eighteen forty-sixOn the beaches or in junglesAlways first to take our licksWhether building or destroyingFrom Viet Nam to MexicoWe're the Combat Engineer BattalionThat's always on...

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