Photos: Vietnam – Bo Dop SF Camp 1967 (by Bob Roby)

Special Forces camp straddling the Cambodia Vietnam border. It was in the shape of a triangle with high barrier fences, just like in the cowboys and Indian movies. It was manned by three companies, one each of Cambodians, Vietnamese and Montagnards for each wall, with the special forces team in the middle. The SF team supplied everything for the companies, food, clothing, weapons and money with bonus for body counts. The SF team had a building in the center for sleeping and eating and an underground communications bunker. This is the only time I can remember sleeping in a building other than in the hospital. The reason I was there was to build an airfield for fixed wing aircraft because the only way to get re-supplied was by air. I had five men with small construction equipment that could be air dropped. Well into the project I got three Australians with the smallest dozer I have ever seen and a ford tractor with a pan on the back.